Public sale Report: Jones & Horan To Promote The Howard Davis & Dennison No. three Pocket Watch

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Cote defined that the Howard Davis & Dennison #three is just not the primary U.S. Made watch, however is unquestionably the ancestor of all manufacturing unit made American watches: “It’s the first watch produced by The Warren Manufacturing Firm, which was the forerunner of each the Waltham and Howard watch corporations. It’s basically the primary Waltham watch.” Cote talked about that 17 serial numbers had been reserved for these early eight day watches, however probably solely three had been made. “These three, serial numbers 1, 2 and three got to the founders of the corporate, Edward Howard, Aaron Dennison, and David Davis. The one arising on the market is quantity three, which is believed to have been the watch owned by David Davis.”


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