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Bran pondering arduous as traditional.


Warning: Spoilers aplenty under. 

It is throughout. The sport has been performed. On Sunday HBO aired The Iron Throne, the final ever episode of Recreation of Thrones. 

Should you’ve seen it, you in all probability have robust emotions about it. It noticed the loss of life of Daenerys Targaryen and the ascent of Bran the Damaged. It noticed Sansa Stark develop into the Queen of the North and Tyrion Lannister the Hand of the brand new King. It noticed Jon Snow pat Ghost.

Over one million individuals have signed a petition to have the final season be remade, though such petitions are all the fashion as of late, so it’s extremely a lot a “like it or hate it” affair. However with almost 20 million viewers, it was among the many largest occasions in episodic TV historical past. Listed here are a number of the particulars and callbacks to earlier seasons you could have missed.


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Recreation of Thrones season eight finale: Our watch has ended


Targaryens within the Hold

One of many two huge moments of the episode was the loss of life of Daenerys. Tyrion, imprisoned by Daenerys, convinces Jon that she’s formally mad, and that Jon and his sisters are certain to incur her wrath sooner reasonably than later. Jon confronts Daenerys and, gauging her to be insufficiently repentant about massacring a whole metropolis, stabs her proper within the coronary heart.

This scene, other than being the most effective in season eight and arguably the entire present, featured many callbacks to moments in earlier seasons.

Earlier than Jon confronts her, we see Daenerys ascending the steps to the Iron Throne. She gazes upon it covetously and grasps a hilt of one of many many blades that comprise it. This can be a direct throwback to the imaginative and prescient she sees in Qarth again in season 2. The imaginative and prescient, additionally referenced in The Bells, reveals Daenerys wandering right into a snow-blanketed, ransacked Crimson Hold. In it, she walks to the Throne and begins to succeed in for it, however on the final second she shies away from touching it.

It after all seems that the Crimson Hold would not be blanketed in snow, however reasonably ash. Daenerys did make her grasp for energy, grabbing onto the Throne, so I assume the Targaryen coin had but to land in her imaginative and prescient. 

In her imaginative and prescient she’s distracted by the cries of a dragon. In episode 6, her consideration goes to Jon Snow, who enters The Nice Corridor.

Daenerys is notably much less crazed right here than in The Bells, however she will not free Tyrion and she or he stated she needed to kill all of these harmless civilians to show Cersei fallacious. Or… one thing. Jon candy talks her, says she’s his queen ceaselessly, after which stabs her proper within the coronary heart.

The final Targaryen to rule, Aerys II, was famously stabbed in the identical spot by Jaime Lannister throughout Robert’s Riot. There was related treachery afoot there: Aerys’ Hand of the King was Tywin Lannister, who requested King’s Touchdown’s gates open in order that his military might shield the crown. Aerys opened the gates however Tywin’s military turned on Aerys and sacked the town, much like Daenerys razing the town even after the bells rang in give up. 

Aerys died in entrance of the Iron Throne when Kingsguard head Jaime Lannister, appalled by the Mad King’s calls for that the entire metropolis be engulfed in wildfire, impaled him from behind. Daenerys died when her most trusted ally, appalled by her engulfing the town in dragonfire, impaled her from the entrance. (“Inform me,” Jaime Lannister requested Ned Stark in season 1, “if I had stabbed the Mad King within the stomach as an alternative of the again, would you admire me extra?”)

Jaime instructed Brienne again in season Three about how little he loved killing the person he was sworn to guard. Jon was naturally much more conflicted about what he needed to do. He cried as he lowered Daenery’s physique to the ground. She is the second companion to die in his palms; Ygritte, his wildling lover, would additionally die whereas wanting into the eyes of Jon Snow.

Daenerys died within the arms of Jon, her alleged lover. 


Ygritte, Jon’s alleged old flame, additionally died in his arms. Tough go, this man’s had. 


And at last, Daenerys’ loss of life roused Drogon, who flew into the Nice Corridor. Drogon, presumably in a rage in opposition to the image of the facility that corrupted his mom, burned down the Iron Throne. Fittingly, the Throne was cast by Balerion, the primary dragon the Targaryens used to beat the Seven Kingdoms, and melted by Drogon, the ultimate (?) dragon utilized by a Targaryen to beat, properly, something.

Ser Jaime Lannister

Throughout The Iron Throne’s prolonged epilogue, we see Ser Brienne of Tarth detailing the complete story of Jaime’s exploits in a ebook. That is The E book of Brothers, which information the deeds of all of the Knights to have ever served within the Kingsguard.

The E book of Brothers beforehand appeared twice, each instances in season four. Within the first episode of that season — the very best season within the collection, may I add — Jaime is being reprimanded by his son/nephew, Jofrrey Lannister/Baratheon. Joffrey dunks on Jaime fairly arduous, perusing the ebook and noting that Ser Duncan the Tall was embellished sufficient to take up 4 pages, but Jaime would not actually have a full web page to his identify.


Ser Brienne is each a knight and a author.


Jaime says there’s nonetheless time, however Joffrey questions that. “Is there?” asks a bemused Joffrey. “For a 40-year-old knight with one hand?” Rattling, roasted. 

Three episodes later, Brienne reads out Jaime’s underwhelming entry. “It is the responsibility of the Lord Commander to fill out these pages. And there is nonetheless room left in mine.”

Effectively, that is the place Brienne is available in. Within the finale, Brienne, now the Lord Commander, jots down the next tales underneath Jaime’s identify:

“Captured within the subject on the Whispering Wooden: Let loose by Girl Catelyn Stark in return for an oath to search out and return her two daughters.” (Seasons 1-Three)

“Took Riverrun from the Tully rebels, with out lack of life.” (Season 6) 

“Lured the Unsullied into attacking Casterly Rock, sacrificing his childhood residence in service to a better technique. Outwitted the Targaryen forces to grab Highgarden.” (Season 7)

“Fought on the Battle of the Goldroad bravely, narrowly escaping loss of life by dragonfire. Pledged himself to the forces of males and rode north to hitch them at Winterfell, alone.” (Season 7)

“Confronted the Military of the Lifeless, and defended the fortress in opposition to unattainable odds till the defeat of the Evening King. Escaped imprisonment and rode south in an try to save lots of the capital from destruction.” (Season eight)

Died defending his Queen.” (Season eight)

So it was Jaime who knighted Brienne in season eight episode 2, A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, but it surely was Brienne who in the end gave Jaime a dignified legacy. (Additionally be aware that the sigil on Brienne’s chestplate is that of a raven, for Bran the Damaged.) 


A smart man.


Flashbacks and foreshadows

Love and responsibility: There was one other substantial throwback earlier within the episode, when Jon goes to see an imprisoned Tyrion. Tyrion, within the strategy of convincing Jon to place an finish to Daenerys, says he loves her identical to Jon does. “Love is the loss of life of responsibility,” Jon says. He mentions that it was one thing Maester Aemon instructed him. 

Maester Aemon did certainly inform him this, again in episode 9 of the primary season after Ned Stark’s head had been chopped off. (Aemon additionally stated it to Sam in season four.) “All of us do our responsibility when there is not any price to it,” he stated. “Honor comes simple then. Eventually, in each man’s life, there comes a day when it’s not simple, a day when he should select.”

This sentiment was echoed by Tyrion moments later. Tyrion tells Jon that Sansa instructed him about Jon’s true id as a result of she would not need Daenerys to be Queen. “She would not get to decide on,” Jon says.

“No, however you do, and you need to select now,” Tyrion powerfully replies. 

Aemon did not know the way prescient he was, and the way Jon’s hardest determination wouldn’t be whether or not to bail from The Evening’s Watch to hitch his brother Robb Stark, however whether or not or not he ought to betray his Queen — who occurred to be Aemon’s nice niece. 

Intro tidbits: Every episode of season eight has aired with barely tweaked opening credit. This week, for the finale, the Lannister Lion didn’t seem above the Iron Throne and the Map Room of the Crimson Hold had a fission line via it, the previous representing the autumn of Queen Cersei and the latter the destruction of the town. (Plus, the precise Map Room had a fission via it.) 


This week.


Final week.


A throne of a thousand swords: Earlier than Jon brutally betrays her, the ultimate story Daenerys spins is of how her brother Viserys instructed her of the Iron Throne when she was younger; how he stated it was 1,000 blades-tall. The actual factor, it seems, is much much less formidable. However George R.R. Martin has written about how the Iron Throne he envisions in his books is definitely nearer to what Viserys instructed Daenerys about.

“The way in which the throne is described within the books,” Martin wrote in 2013 on his Not a Weblog, in reference to HBO’s depiction, “HUGE, hulking, black and twisted, with the steep iron stairs in entrance, the excessive seat from which the king seems to be DOWN on everybody within the courtroom… my throne is a hunched beast looming over the throne room, ugly and uneven.”

Tyrion’s untold Joke: Through the transient Small Council’s assembly on the episode’s finish, Tyrion begins to inform a joke. “I as soon as introduced a jackass and a honeycomb right into a brothel,” he says, however the scene cuts away earlier than we will hear the punchline. That is itself one thing of a operating joke, as Tyrion has repeatedly tried and failed to inform this joke all through the present.

He first tried in season 1 when he was being trialed by Lysa Arryn on the Eerie, however she shut him down. Subsequent was in season six, when he is making an attempt to evoke dialog out of Gray Worm and Missandei, however he is minimize brief once more. 

Hydration is vital: Episode four has develop into notorious for the anachronistic espresso cup on the desk in Winterfell’s Nice Corridor. Effectively, it occurred once more. An errant water bottle was noticed by an eagle-eyed fan when everybody convened on the Dragonpit. 

West of west, north of north: When bidding Jon farewell, Arya says she will be able to’t go to him up at The Wall. Not due to any guidelines, however as a result of she’s headed out to discover The Recognized World. She needs to search out out what’s west of Westeros. This was foreshadowed in season 6. Girl Crane, a Braavosi actress, asks Arya the place she’ll go subsequent.

“Essos is east and Westeros is west, however what’s west of Westeros?”

“The sting of the world, perhaps,” Girl Crane replies.

“I wish to see it,” Arya says. 

Jon’s banishment to the Evening’s Watch was additionally foreshadowed, however not as way back as season 6. In episode four, The Final of the Starks, the one the place Jon did not pat Ghost, Tormound says he would not like “the south,” in reference to Fort Black and Winterfell. He says he is going up north — and provides that the north, “the actual north,” is the place Jon belongs. 

Queen within the North: Bran received the Recreation of Thrones, however an in depth second could also be Sansa Stark. Sansa refused to bend the knee to her brother, declaring the North a free kingdom. Shortly thereafter, we see Sansa topped the Queen within the North in a scene much like those loved by Robb Stark and Jon.

Firstly, that is after all an arc-capping second, as in season 1 Sansa fantasized about being a beloved queen.

Secondly, Sansa’s coronation gown is definitely insanely symbolic. There are particulars on it that symbolize every of her members of the family, as Pinterest member purplefloofs famous, like a one-arm cloak for Arya, a Weirwood sample for Bran, the fashion of her tiara for Robb, and extra. Try BuzzFeed’s intensive breakdown of it right here.

TL;DR, Sansa Stark is so nice.

Because it begins, so it ends: The very first scene in Recreation of Thrones was a trio of Evening’s Watchmen venturing north of the wall, the place they’re killed by White Walkers. The final scene in Recreation of Thrones sees Jon, Tormund and all the brand new Evening’s Watchmen venturing north of the wall, Wildlings and Crows dwelling in peace and White Walker risk eradicated.

Initially revealed Could 20

Replace, Could 21: Provides additional element.


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