Introducing: The Harry Winston Histoire de Tourbillon 10

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There’s an fascinating phenomenon in evolutionary biology known as a Fisherian runaway, which has to do with the evolution of exaggerated secondary intercourse traits – particularly, in males of species just like the peacock, the place floridly extreme male ornamentation indicators higher reproductive health to the feminine of the species; the notion is that issues just like the peacock’s plumes principally learn as, “If I can afford to waste this a lot metabolic power on making feathers 5 instances my physique size, think about how a lot I might rock extra, ahem, intimate issues.” I considered this phenomenon whereas trying on the Histoire de Tourbillon 10 (and consider it whereas different, equally extroverted efforts in ultra-high-end trendy watchmaking) as a result of watchmaking, like another luxurious craft, responds to evolutionary pressures as effectively, and one of many methods to seize the eye of each precise shoppers in addition to the bigger watchmaking neighborhood, is to create timepieces that exhaust one’s provide of superlatives, and which have distinctive properties that set them indisputably aside from another watch, or watches.


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