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A jellyfish talks via id
points with assist from an undersea assist group.

Addressing a various and
understandably sympathetic group of sea stars (later joined by a sea horse),
Edgar delivers an indignant monologue on how a jellyfish is nothing like a “fish,”
missing bones, scales, and gills. Furthermore (as Edgar rightly factors out), a
jellyfish appears extra like a white plastic buying bag than the colourful marine
life that in any other case populates Raymundo’s seascapes. Not solely do different denizens
of the deep like narwhals and hammerhead sharks have fancy or at the least logical
names, however having stinging tentacles quite than fins makes it exhausting to play or
even sustain with fishy buddies. It might be unfair to accuse Edgar of “overthinking”
the problem too, as a result of like all jellyfish, Edgar doesn’t have a mind both.
The prolonged rant involves a sudden finish, although, with the invention
jellyfish is admittedly good at one factor—floating—and the penny drops and Edgar’s
anthropomorphic options gentle up: “Irrespective of WHAT I’m known as… / I’m nonetheless ME!”
Edgar concludes by congratulating the likewise-smiling invertebrate viewers
for making “somebody really feel like… / a STAR!”

Not precisely deep waters, however the
message is delivered with tentacle-in-cheek buoyancy. (Image e-book. 5-7)


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