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younger little one relates all of the on a regular basis issues noticed and encountered that spark
a way of surprise on this Dutch import.

the again of a spring horse on the playground, the kid spies a airplane and
thinks of “flying to faraway locations.” Some cloud-watching results in imagining “be a part of[ing] the parade.” And whereas harvesting carrots (in the dead of night!), the kid spots a
white rabbit within the moon and desires to share. A capturing star, some butterflies,
and a rainbow are extra odd than the large giraffes and fewer dangerous than
the balloon launch that finds the kid questioning if one would possibly carry a word
aloft. The ending is a bit out-of-the-blue. Though her pup seems in every
scene, there’s been no interplay between the 2, so the kid’s declaration that
“every thing that makes me HAPPY is true right here in entrance of me” rings slightly
false. It’s exemplary (and moderately noteworthy) that solely two scenes are indoors.
Background folks have numerous pores and skin tones whereas the kid has a crimson gown,
peach pores and skin, a darkish pageboy, and shiny crimson cheeks and nostril. Certainly, the
illustrations are a bit stylized and odd, with people who principally have noses
that vary from pink to shiny crimson, virtually clownlike, particularly when paired
with too-small cone-shaped hats with pompoms on prime, as a number of folks sport.

think about, surprise, hope, dream…and select a special guide about imaginative
flights of fancy and appreciating the right here and now. (Image guide. Four-7)


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