Esxence 2019: Plumages Parfums Overview + 5 Chook Paradise Draw

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Véronique Bourgogne-Vatar of Plumages Parfums with Bertrand Duchaufour at Esxence 2019 picture courtesy of Plumages Parfums

One of many pleasant discoveries at Esxence 2019 this 12 months was the brand new home, Plumages Parfums: they’re an ideal instance of a smaller institution using famend perfumers to satisfy a shared scented imaginative and prescient. On this case, Artistic Director and Founder Véronique Bourgogne-Vatar has fused her ongoing ardour for birds in flight and their magnificent feathers with fragrance – and the outcomes are singular because the idea itself.  Her selection of perfumers Bertrand Duchaufour and Anne-Sophie Behaghel feels intuitive.

 new perfumes at esxence by Bertrand Duchaufour

Plumages Parfums  was  probably the greatest new manufacturers at  Esxence 2019 -photo courtesy of Plumages Parfums

Their fragrant avian portraits are particular: in Blanc Ciel it’s the white-winged dove’s presence we really feel; in Joyeuses Tropiques, the macaw; Reflet Rose, the flamingo; Parade Du Soir – the peacock – till the nightbird seems, the owl who impressed Tapage Nocturne. A 5 chook paradise is ours for the asking – and like a string of baroque pearls, they every possess their very own nacre and coloration.

Plumages Parfums Blanc Ciel review

Plumages Parfums Blanc Ciel (Bertrand Duchaufour): The lone feather of a dove – downy, shimmering, smooth – hovers weightlessly, swaying within the briny embrace of marine zephyrs. It’s sun-warmed with mimosa, powdery with creamy almond sides and the slightest animalic caress. Laden with the tang of apple-pear, barely salty with only a soupçon of bitterness, it floats. Blanc Ciel is vapor-light, tenacious and tender, devoted: in spite of everything, mourning doves mate for all times and all doves are monogamous throughout their mating season. Notes: nashi accord, ambrette, mimosa, iris, sandalwood, white musk, vetiver

Plumages Joyeuses Tropiques review

Plumages Parfums Joyeuses Tropiques (Bertrand Duchaufour) is aptly named, impressed by the macaw’s good plumage. It’s a synaesthetic fruity floral chypre. M. Duchaufour has created jungle-y fragrances earlier than and I like them. For L’Artisan Parfumeur, he composed the ozonic marine and inexperienced Fleur de Liane (now discontinued), a woody tuberose with inexperienced mango, Nuit de Tubereuse.  Joyeuses Tropiques is a glory of intemperate hues, an homage to intrepid 19th century adventurers and smells completely totally different from the others. Contemplate Jean Patou’s Colony however fruitier, much less louchely animalic and extra humid (anomalous, I notice) – and you’ll wander in the precise path: ebulliently floral, humidly verdant, drenched with tropical fruits. Pineapple chypres are NOT a dime a dozen; in lieu of oakmoss we’re given a leafy accord which hints of the tiniest hint of sappy galbanum. Chocolate mirrors one aspect of patchouli and melds imperceptibly with vetiver, anchoring Joyeuses Tropiques. It’s a must-try even for those who’re not the tropical sort. Notes: pomegranate, guava, pineapple, mango, kumquat, passionfruit, tuberose, tropical leaf accord, Paraguayan petitgrain, chocolate, Haitian vetiver, patchouli


Plumages Parfums Reflet Rose review

Plumages Parfums Reflet Rose (Anne-Sophie Behaghel): What does a flamingo’s reflection upon the waters at nightfall scent like? In fevered desires it would resemble a reticent peony-turned-fantasy by way of Mme. Behaghel’s sleight-of-hand – not your grandmother’s peony. Reflet Rose is an ultra-contemporary tackle this beloved flower – tangy at first with the sting of grapefruit and pink pepper accompanied by an unfolding Bulgarian rose tincture sweetened with raspberry (Oh! The berry facet of a rose..). Juniper is tonic, neroli, floral and harmonic and skews pink coral. An iris notice cohorts with Ambrox to supply a ‘dying gentle’ impact: night encroaches, and peony petals are shrouded in shadow. We transfer from pink to coral to periwinkle, with tones vacillating constantly all through the event. Reflet Rose is poetic AND trendy. Notes: grapefruit, baies roses, Bulgarian rose alcoholate, raspberry, juniper berry, neroli, violet, Ambrox

Plumages Parfums Parade Du Soir review

Plumages Parfums Parade Du Soir (Bertrand Duchaufour): Whether it is orientalism one craves, the Indian peacock and M. Duchaufour’s love for this realm spares no measure of opulence. The peacock DOES take flight, for all our psychological pictures of its earthbound iridescence – and plush as Parade Du Soir is, it has wings. Parade, certainly – a panoply of sumptuousness is laid naked earlier than our nostrils, brimming with well-loved supplies. Aldehydes, spices accomplice voluptuous ylang ylang and ripe plum; immortelle (also called eternal) assumes an edible facet present in curry when of their firm. Sandalwood contributes creaminess, whereas chocolate/patchouli earthy notes, balsamic vetiver and arid myrrh consummate this refined perfume. An aldehydic, spicy, woody, fruity, floral, oriental? Oh, sure. It’s wildly seductive with out undue weight. Notes: cardamom, ginger, black pepper, pink pepper, aldehydes, ylang ylang, orchid accord, plum, iris, sandalwood, immortelle, chocolate, patchouli, vetiver, myrrh

Plumages Tapage Nocturne review

Plumages Parfums Tapage Nocturne (Anne-Sophie Behaghel), a Nocturnal Disturbance. That is pure enjoyable. The evening owl is a few stylish occasion avian, by the scent of it – and all I can consider is the road from The Vehicles’ track: “I just like the evening life, child…let’s go!” We are going to dance all evening lengthy in a tony boîte, reconstituting ourselves with whisky cola; it has an excellent kick to it and for those who don’t overload the whisky, you’ll handle to remain the course. The occasional cigar wouldn’t damage, both – it goes with that espresso someplace close to the wee hours to revive flagging spirits (sic). Tapage Nocturne is an excellent research in high-spirited chiaroscuro. Mme. Behaghel has composed a energetic effervescent oud which is equal elements gentle and shadow. Osmanthus headlines the marquee and all of the supporting gamers are first-rate. Notes: lime, litsea cubeba (could chang), ginger, verbena, cinnamon, osmanthus, espresso, oud, rum, tobacco– whisky accord, guaiac wooden

Samples supplied by Plumages Parfums, thanks!  My nostril is my very own…

~ Ida Meister, Senior Editor and Pure Perfumery Editor

~ Artwork Course: Michelyn Camen, Editor-in-Chief

Observe us on Instagram @cafleurebon @plumageparfums and @idameister

All artwork work by way of Plumage Parfums with collages by Michelyn

Plumages Parfums Paris

Because of the generosity of Véronique Bourgogne-Vatar we have now one pattern set of all 5 for one registered reader (register right here when you’ve got not already completed so) within the US, EU or Canada. Please go away a remark relaying what appeals to you about Plumages Parfums, which one (s) it’s possible you’ll like primarily based on Ida’s overview, and the place you reside. Draw closes 6/2/2019

We announce the winners solely on web site and on our Fb web page, so Like ÇaFleureBon and use our Weblog feed…or your dream prize might be simply spilled fragrance.


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