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Can Canine Have Cinnamon? What to Know About Cinnamon for Canine

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Of all of the gadgets in my pantry, the one I by no means need to run out of is cinnamon. My canines and I get pleasure from this superb, deliciously aromatic spice each single day of the yr. The canines get cinnamon sprinkled over their meals at each meal. I prefer it in and on all the things from yogurt, lemonade and chai tea to vegetable curry, baked apples and rice pudding. Not solely does cinnamon odor and style nice — cinnamon for canines has many well being advantages, as we’ll see beneath.

Is cinnamon for canines wholesome? Pictures courtesy Melissa L. Kauffman.

First — What’s cinnamon and the place does it come from?

Earlier than we focus on the advantages of cinnamon for canines, let’s speak about cinnamon itself. Cinnamon is a small tree that grows in India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Brazil, Vietnam and Egypt; its bark is dried and rolled into cinnamon sticks (additionally known as quills), then floor into powder.

There are 4 sorts of cinnamon, however Ceylon cinnamon (its Latin identify is Cinnamomum verum) and Cassia cinnamon (Cinnamomum cassia) are the preferred; Ceylon, additionally known as true cinnamon, is sweeter, lighter in coloration, and costlier than Cassia, which is the darker sort of cinnamon extra generally present in supermarkets and Starbucks. Whichever selection you select, it’s positively value it to spend a bit extra on natural cinnamon — it’s much more splendidly aromatic than its non-organic counterpart.

Historically, cinnamon has been used world wide to treatment flatulence, nausea, diarrhea and painful menstrual intervals. It’s additionally believed to spice up power, vitality, circulation, cognitive operate and total mind well being, and to enhance the digestion of dairy merchandise.

Cinnamon for canines could assist enhance mind operate

In a single research, sniffing cinnamon was proven to lead to improved mind operate — check topics carried out higher at reminiscence and a spotlight after a whiff of this spectacular spice. So, utilizing cinnamon for canines could assist in case you’re working together with your canine on studying new methods.

This spice wards off diabetes in canines

Latest research have proven that simply half a teaspoon of cinnamon a day helps to control blood sugar and lift insulin resistance; it really boosts the physique’s capability to make use of insulin to enhance blood glucose ranges. That is important for anybody in danger for diabetes — and that features senior and obese canines. So along with feeding a low glycemic index pet food, one other good use of cinnamon for canines is in your pup’s meals bowl!

Cinnamon for canines helps stave off yeast infections

Different research reveal that cinnamon is anti fungal; it really works to fight Candida albicans, the fungus that causes yeast infections. These infections typically resist remedy, however not cinnamon. (Canine who have allergy symptoms are inclined to yeast infections).

Maintain your pet food more energizing for longer with cinnamon

Cinnamon can also be antibacterial, and slows down the spoilage of meals. When I’ve to retailer a part of a can of pet food in a single day, I’ll sprinkle half a teaspoon of cinnamon over it earlier than refrigerating (on a facet word, by no means refrigerate pet food within the can — to protect palatability, spoon it right into a glass storage container with a plastic prime). Researchers at Kansas State College discovered that cinnamon even prevents the expansion of E. Coli micro organism in unpasteurized juices! So for security’s sake, be sure you add some cinnamon to your uncooked apple cider.

Cinnamon for canines helps with arthritis

An anti-inflammatory, cinnamon for canines is nice for senior pups combating arthritis. With my K9 seniors, I’ve had nice outcomes mixing a half-teaspoon of cinnamon with a tablespoon of honey. That is the recipe utilized by researchers at Copenhagen College, the place arthritis sufferers have been in a position to stroll with out ache after only a week of taking cinnamon with honey every single day. But extra research present that cinnamon can decrease blood stress and LDL ldl cholesterol, and gradual the expansion of leukemia and lymphomacancer cells.

Phrases of warning about cinnamon and canines—

Cassia cinnamon (the darker, extra frequent sort) accommodates a compound known as coumarin, which may harm the liver at excessive ranges. Another reason to make use of Ceylon cinnamon as an alternative! However Cassia cinnamon for canines is protected so long as you don’t overdo it; a teaspoon or so every single day with meals will nonetheless be helpful in all of the methods described above, however gained’t offer you or your canine almost as excessive a dose as the upper focus present in, say, a cinnamon complement capsule (which might comprise a considerably increased quantity of coumarin).
Cinnamon has a gentle anti-clotting impact on the blood, so an excessive amount of may cause bleeding issues if an individual is on blood-thinning remedy comparable to aspirin. And pregnant girls (or canines) shouldn’t take an excessive amount of cinnamon, as it might have a stimulating impact on the uterus.

However in small quantities — half a teaspoon at each meal — cinnamon for canines clearly does much more good than hurt. Take pleasure in!

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